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A1.1 – Synthesis of squaraines with tailored supramolecular interaction and absorption properties


Principle Investigator: Prof. Arne Lützen

Squaraines are small molecular quadrupolar D−A−D chromophores which makes them suitable candidates for our templating approach. We will decorate those with different chiral endgroups and use them as absorber materials for polarization-sensitive OSCs. In addition to the anilino-squaraines, indolenine-squaraines present a second group of very promising candidates as these are known to possess aggregation induced (enhanced) emission activity. Thus, stereochemically defined supramolecular aggregates of enantiomerically pure compounds could not only enhance or induce circular dichroism, but might also lead to circularly polarized luminescence (CPL). Both properties can be used as a very sensitive probe to determine the degree of order in templated thin films grown on graphene or GNR. This is especially true for the growth on chiral graphene nanoribbons, which will be prepared in project B1.


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